The Architecture Fringe exists to inspire, encourage and support new ideas and wider agency to help foster a culture of architecture in Scotland which is plural, thoughtful and critically reflective. We believe in provoking, thinking, testing, prototyping and taking risks. We believe it is our actions in response to our discourse that ultimately sets the tone for the culture that we create. Architecture, and architects, cannot operate in a vacuum and solve problems on their own. We believe that an inherent part of our wider brief, at all times, is to engage with, respond to and help shape the society that we live within. Architecture is and always has been about people.

This is our manifesto. We hope you'll join us.

Public life

A Manifesto for the role of architecture in public life

1. The development system to make all decisions based on an improvement of personal and collective well-being in support of economic growth

2. The planning system to have no role in determining aesthetic condition and visual language unless provided by a qualified architect independent of the planning authority

3. Local plans reformed and replaced with 30-page maximum illustrated development strategies that recommend a variety of methodologies and scales for the strategic short, medium and long-term development of sites and places with householder design guidance abolished

4. Reconstruction of local democracy to associate development budgets with specific communities and to give responsibility for its expenditure to locally elected representatives


A Manifesto for improving the perception of architecture

1. The Lighthouse (Scotland's Centre for Architecture & Design) to become independent of Glasgow City Council and run by a national body. The Lighthouse to have an Architecture Curator and a Design Curator

2. The Scottish Government to develop an export strategy for architecture and architectural services to international markets with help from Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government's economic bureaux

3. Focused investment towards encouraging new digital and print architectural publications that expand and enhance the presentation and critical reflection of architecture within Scotland to national and international audiences

4. The profession to offer free architectural criticism in all Scottish mainstream news media publications. Lobby BBC Scotland to include architecture and the built environment as regular items in and across a variety of formats and media


A Manifesto for supporting the practice of architecture

1. A tacit and obligatory introduction of method alongside theory within architectural education. Learning through doing, action with thought. Introduction of a structured and supported practice mentoring scheme for students of architecture

2. In procurement the abolition of PQQs [Pre-Qualification Questionnaires] to be replaced with portfolio submission, illustrated design & method statement and accounts: tenders should awarded on quality of idea, approach and method. The value of the fee to be scrutinised rather than the figure to make explicit that a low fee may mean a lower standard of service

3. Any public contract over £10,000,000 to be procured with an emerging / young practice component where they take the lead on distinct smaller element of the project with the support and guidance of the architect engaged for the full project

4. Rethinking the role and structure of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) to operate with a rotating executive appointed by a membership vote. The executive officer and financial officer roles to be separate and distinct. Current RIAS President position to become an RIAS elected Chairperson of council and executive.