The Architecture Fringe 2019 Open Call is now open for confirmed submissions to the 2019 Open Programme. You can submit your events, projects, exhibitions and happenings using the button below. Submission to the Architecture Fringe 2019 is free and we highly recommend reading our How To Take Part submission guide and familiarising yourself with the information on this page about planning, submitting and running a project.

The Open Call closes for confirmed submissions at 12 noon on Monday 8th April 2019.  

Initiated by a group of architects, photographers, engineers, landscape architects, visual artists, curators and musicians the Architecture Fringe is an independent, contributor-led open platform for new work and projects across the arts which explores architecture and its impact. The Architecture Fringe acts as a platform for self-initiated projects from practitioners in any field. The inaugural Architecture Fringe took place in 2016. Our second edition occurred in July 2017 hosting 50 projects from around 260 contributors in 37 venues. The Architecture Fringe 2018 was the largest and most geographically widespread to date with almost 70 projects from 340 contributors in 56 venues across Scotland! 

For the Architecture Fringe 2019 a provocation entitled In Real Life, (IRL) invites contributors to explore the extraordinary here and now that shapes our individual experiences and collective storytelling. Submitted work can respond to a number of themes and threads within this framework. You can also download this guide which takes you through everything you need to provide when submitting work to the Open Programme.

How you use the platform and provocation is up to you – projects may take the form of exhibitions, performances, discussions, screenings, installations, writing, lectures, walks, music, temporary structures…



Submissions to the Architecture Fringe 2019 Open Programme must be real and scheduled to take place between 7 – 23 June 2019. To submit your confirmed project for the Open Programme you will need to provide the required information no later than 12 noon on Monday 8th April 2019. All submissions can be made here, and must provide the following to be accepted onto the platform:

- Your signed Memorandum of Understanding
- Project name
- Team members
- Contact email
- Project description in one sentence
- Project description in 100-150 words
- Full address of venue (including postcode)
- Accessibility of your venue
- Whether your submission is suitable for children
- Date(s) within 7-23 June 2019
- Time(s)
- Link to ticketing page if applicable
- Link to website if applicable
- Link to Facebook page or Facebook event page if applicable
- Twitter handle and hashtags if applicable
- Instagram handle and hashtags if applicable
- Links to any other relevant online videos, films, blogs etc
- Project images / artwork (see requirements below)

High quality eye-catching project images or artwork are crucial in attracting an audience. Images or artwork submitted for the Open Programme can include photography, collage or illustration. Please provide an image or images (max. 5) to accompany the project information to the following labelling / specification:

Longside 2100 pixels @ 300dpi OR shortside 180mm @ 300 dpi
ProjectName_Number_Credit e.g. TestUnit_01_Credit_Susan_Jones

Images should be sent via WeTransfer, DropBox or email to 

The Architecture Fringe is an open platform. How you use it is up to you. Download our submission guidance HERE.





—When will the Architecture Fringe take place?

The Architecture Fringe 2019 will open in Glasgow on the evening of Friday 7th June 2019 with the festival taking place 7 – 23 June 2019 across Scotland. Your projects can take place at any point during this period – some will run over the whole period and others will be one-off events on only selected dates.

—What if I want to do my project outwith June?

If this is the case due to constraints beyond your control please get in touch with the team at to discuss the suitability of including your project on the Open Programme.

—Where can projects take place?

Anywhere in Scotland! Projects can take place indoors or outdoors, in traditional venues or unusual spaces depending on the nature of your project. So long as you have the necessary permissions to use any space and you manage the health & safety for your project location it can take place anywhere.

—Does the Architecture Fringe offer funding?

No – the platform is run by a voluntary production team and does not fund Open Programme projects. We do however offer project support and promotion via the monthly meet-ups and by connecting your work with other projects and sharing details across our media and professional networks. Previous projects on the Open Programme have gained their own funding through cultural organisations, community funding, sponsorship and other sources and by joining meet-ups participants can share contacts and advice.

—Will the Architecture Fringe help me deliver my project?

All organisers contributing to the Open Programme are responsible for presenting and delivering their own projects. Contributors remain in control of their own work and are solely responsible for all aspects and liability relating to that work including funding, management, insurance, health & safety, press and advertising. Whilst The Architecture Fringe cannot accept responsibility for work undertaken by others, the monthly meet-ups are a great way to get peer feedback on emergent ideas as well as find collaborators, venues, get funding tips etc. The Architecture Fringe reserves the right to decline the inclusion of work on the Open Programme which is deemed unsuitable.

—Is my project guaranteed to be accepted onto Open Programme?

Generally very much 'Yes' :-) All projects submitted to the Architecture Fringe by 12 noon on Monday 8th April 2019, whilst obviously not yet complete for June, must be real and with a commitment to actually happening. Projects submitted after this date will miss the printed programme deadline. The Architecture Fringe reserves the right to decline projects proposed for the Open Programme. Reasons for declining projects will include overtly commercial work or a lack of required project information. 

—Will the Architecture Fringe manage the issuing of tickets for my project?

No – the platform is unable to manage your ticketing and payments – there are several ticket management websites such as Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets for free/paid events, or if you just want to keep track of who's intending to come to a free event.

—How much does it cost to take part in the Architecture Fringe?

Submission to and listing upon the Architecture Fringe Open Programme is free. 

join us! monthly meet-ups

The Architecture Fringe runs open monthly meet-ups for anyone interested in taking part in the Open Programme. The meet-ups are open to all and free to attend - just turn up! The meet-ups alternate between Glasgow and Edinburgh and are a great way to get a feel for the Architecture Fringe and to meet other people. They’re a chance to share your project ideas and plans by pinning up thoughts and images with feedback from both the Architecture Fringe team and the wider network and to learn more about the overall programme as it emerges. The meet-ups also act as milestones for both the Core and Open Programmes as we progress towards June. 

The monthly meet-up dates for the Architecture Fringe 2019 can be found here!

No booking or tickets required, just turn up and join in \o/

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