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What is the state of play for architecture?

For 2017 the Architecture Fringe programme will be lightly structured under a provocation entitled INFRA STRUCTURE

Self-directed projects on the open platform do not have to respond to this provocation, but we hope the essence of INFRA STRUCTURE is open enough for you to find something inspiring within it.

adverb: infra
"see note, infra"
Origin: Latin, ‘below’.
noun: structure
the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.
"the two sentences have equivalent structures"

INFRA suggests a position below the established status-quo or institutional set-up. Grassroots.
Rediscovered or emerging voices. New ideas. Exploratory systems and activity.
STRUCTURE offers a plurality of readings. The structural make-up of architecture in Scotland. It’s layered composition. The quality and fragility of its fabric. Existing structures.
New structures. Alternative structures.
Physical structures. Interventions. Prototypes.
Representation and organisation of structures: People. Communities. Place. Government policy.

Got an idea for a self-directed project, exhibition, event or happening? Join us at one of the monthly meet-ups to present your thoughts, hear from others and get some help, or drop us a line at \o/