Architecture Fringe 2023

Let’s Celebrate Planning … Re-Imagining the Planning Process

12 June

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Discussion Event Exhibition

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Pecha Kucha Evening - GIA invites different points of view to re-imagine the presentation of the Planning Process in Glasgow so that it is more rewarding, educational, and accessible

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GIA - Glasgow Institute of Architects

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5pm - 9pm event - Pecha Kucha starts at 6:30 pm


12 June


Civic House, 26, Civic Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland, G4 9RH, United Kingdom
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GIA - Glasgow Institute of Architects

With no additional burden on public spending we propose to re-imagine the presentation of the planning process in Glasgow so that it is more accessible, educational, and rewarding.

The GIA wish to encourage all stakeholders, including amenity groups, locally elected members and professional institutions, to affect a cultural change in how we promote and process development initiatives in the city. Currently, all our positive policy work remains anonymous and often unnoticed. Collectively we can better communicate and celebrate the sustainable objectives framed in the Glasgow City Plan, the spatial connections promoted in the Strategic Frameworks for our evolving urban neighbourhoods, and the visionary work on the City Districts and Avenues investment. For what reason? To engage and excite the public, to make the process more transparent and democratic and to relaunch Glasgow to the wider world as a location that is open for sustainable business.

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