News 10.11.19

A Change of Rhythm for the Architecture Fringe

The Architecture Fringe is changing rhythm. After four successful annual editions we are transitioning to a new two-year model, with the next full Architecture Fringe due in June 2021.

This adjustment is to enable us to work towards making the Architecture Fringe financially sustainable as an organisation, and to nourish the organisation as a creative force for progressive change in the built environment. In the face of climate breakdown, too, we want to work in a more sustainable way which is structural, holistic and authentic.

We see our future as continuing to provide a platform for discourse in relation to our social, political and cultural contexts. We also see that future offering the opportunity to foster stronger, wider relationships: to produce longer-term work with deeper outcomes for lasting, profound change: to research, present and provoke; to work nationally in all parts of Scotland; and to engage internationally in support of equality, diversity, wellbeing and the wider common good.

But we also need to look after ourselves. While the festival has expanded and grown the capacity of the production team has not. Everything from core programme project curation and event production, open programme management, graphic design, social media, bookkeeping, fundraising and all the bits in between is undertaken by a small group of volunteers who also hold down full time jobs and family responsibilities. This year we realised that our current structure isn’t the one we need to enable the Architecture Fringe to go forward. Following this year’s festival the production team got together to reflect on five years hard work. We explored what we did well, what we could do better and shared ideas, hopes and stories to help set a new direction for a sustainable Architecture Fringe.

A new two-year model

The new two-yearly model will give us the time to seek funding and structural support, to enable us to employ full-time team members. The provision of the Architecture Fringe core programme and open programme platform takes serious time, and we have so much more that we'd like to try and do with year-round activity which inspires agency, encourages change and facilitates new ideas, new voices and new work. Most things will stay the same about the way we organise the Architecture Fringe. The open call for the Architecture Fringe 2021 will launch in the spring of 2020, giving everyone a full twelve months to develop their ideas, plan their projects, organise their venues and get the support that they need. We’ll continue to set a thematic provocation and host open meet-ups across the country for people to access information, meet others and get some help. Taking part in the Architecture Fringe will remain free.

At the heart of the Architecture Fringe is the oscillation between the core and open programmes. Knowing that there is a wider community of active do-ers, knowing that someone will answer the open call (in increasing numbers!) and knowing that we are not alone in the change that we seek keeps us going. We’d like to thank everyone who has joined us on the Architecture Fringe so far, for all the wonderful work that you have produced and for helping foster a supportive, active culture of architecture here in Scotland. We are excited for the future!

If you would like to support our work please drop us a line at Likewise if you have any queries on our new model please just get in touch.

With best wishes,

ArchiFringe x