Memorandum of Agreement



Thank you for submitting self-directed work for inclusion within the Architecture Fringe 2023 open programme. This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the principles underpinning the acceptance of you and your work as a participant in this year’s festival.


The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to:

2.1 Ensure effective co-operation between The Architecture Fringe CIC and each participant by using transparent processes and guidance

2.2 Clarify roles, responsibilities, timelines and finance for the project

2.3 Ensure maximum impact and enjoyment for the Architecture Fringe 2023


The Architecture Fringe is an independent contributor-led non-profit organisation and platform for the arts which seeks to encourage public debate about architecture and design in Scotland within its broader social, political and cultural contexts. The Architecture Fringe 2023 will take place 04-20 June 2023 across Scotland and online.


4.1 Inclusion within the Architecture Fringe 2023 open programme [with no submission fee]

4.2 Promotion as part of the Architecture Fringe 2023 open programme online, via social media and elsewhere as appropriate

4.3 The opportunity to test, research, foster, present and promote self-directed work and to help nurture, develop and pluralise the culture of architecture in Scotland and further afield


5.1 To deliver the submitted work [exhibition, installation, event, project etc]. Participants are fully responsible for all aspects of their submission including the raising of funds, the finding of a venue and project-managing their event

5.2 To encourage diversity, avoid direct or indirect discrimination, and actively fight bigotry, racism and inequality.

5.3 To provide a respectful environment in which people neither discriminate nor are discriminated against in any context on the basis of the following characteristics: age; disability; gender or gender reassignment; sex; sexual orientation; marital or civil partnership status; family status including pregnancy, maternity, paternity or other carer status; race including ethnic origin, nationality or colour; religious or political beliefs.

5.4 To adhere to a safe spaces approach which includes:

- Consent; before you touch anyone or discuss sensitive topics ask if they are comfortable with that. Don’t assume your physical & emotional boundaries are the same as other people's

- Be aware of your privileges; including less obvious or invisible hierarchies. Think about how your words, opinions and feelings are influenced and who they might exclude or harm

- Calling out; if you have acted or spoken harmfully, even if unintentionally, someone will bring this up with you. If this happens, listen and reflect on what they are saying even if you think they may be wrong. Don’t try to absolve yourself of responsibility

- Learning; if you don’t understand something, just ask. You may be directed to a book, website or skillshare to learn more. We are each responsible for our own learning and if we feel able, for sharing it with others

- Labour; please contribute whatever you can; this will be different for everyone and that’s fine. It’s ok to make mistakes. Please show appreciation for the hard work of others and be considerate when you offer criticism

- Social; Like other communities we build social relationships outside of meetings and actions. We commit to this Safer Spaces policy wherever we are together, this includes ensuring that all spaces are accessible to disabled people where possible and that we create opportunities to socialise without alcohol. You are not expected to participate in social events, this shouldn’t make you feel less included

5.5 To undertake all work in line with contemporary Government guidance, in whatever jurisdiction you are working in, in relation to COVID19.


6.1 To promote, gather and return audience participation information as directed by the Architecture Fringe CIC to the best of your abilities. Master copies of the A4 B+W paper audience questionnaire and feedback forms will be provided for use at your venues and events. A link to an online version will also be provided. Gathering audience feedback is important for information, reflection and improving future work.

6.2 To promote the Architecture Fringe 2023 through your own networks, websites, newsletters and social media channels to the best of your abilities.

6.3 To provide the Architecture Fringe CIC with copies of any event or documentary photography and film, credited, at a hi-resolution granting the Architecture Fringe CIC a license to use and reproduce all such work, free of charge, in connection to the Architecture Fringe. Copyright and ownership of all submitted material shall remain with the participant.


7.1 To promote, where possible, walking, cycling and the use of public transport to projects and events.

7.2 To reduce, where possible, waste through the purchase of recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials.


All self-directed work included within the open programme remains under the full responsibility, liability and ownership of those by which it was submitted. The Architecture Fringe CIC accepts no responsibility, liability, ownership or costs associated with or incurred by the work or participants. All necessary insurances of work and / or people also remains the full responsibility of those participating.


If accepted onto the open programme this Memorandum of Understanding will be deemed to have come into effect from 26th April 2023.


This Memorandum of Understanding shall run until 30th September 2023 (the end of the annual Architecture Fringe festival cycle) and shall be subject to review at the request of either party to the agreement.

Thank you! and welcome to the Architecture Fringe 2023!