The History of the Architecture Fringe

The very first Architecture Fringe opened on Friday 1st July 2016. The 2017 programme hosted work from around 260 contributors over 50 projects in 37 venues. The 2018 and 2019 programmes saw the range and geographical spread of events grow even further, to over 100 events. Over the previous four iterations, the programme has included new artistic work, events, exhibitions, talks, environmental installations, community self-builds and a summer school.

Following the 2019 Architecture Fringe (In Real Life), the decision was made to move to a biennial model, to allow time to reflect on and grow the programme of activity, and expand the capacity of the organisation. The Architecture Fringe now runs every other year with a range of other activities in-between.

So Why an Architecture Fringe?

Our main aims are;

- to support new work and emerging practice in architecture in Scotland

- to develop a friendly but critical community of voices to connect, support and challenge each other

- to offer a platform to encourage a wider conversation about architecture and design in Scotland in a contemporary socio-political context

- to engage internationally with other people and organisations

We hope you'll join us!