Architecture Fringe 2017


The Architecture Fringe seeks to create a platform that encourages and supports both ideas and agency, we believe in thinking, testing, prototyping, taking risks. We believe it is our actions in response to our discourse that ultimately sets the tone for the culture that we create.

The empowerment of ideas and agency cannot happen in a vacuum.

It requires an infrastructure that provides incentive, opportunity, capacity, investment, knowledge, space and support.

For the 2017 Architecture Fringe Festival the theme of ‘Infrastructure’ acts as the provocation for a core programme of investigations, events and debates. INFRA suggests a position below the established status-quo or institutional setup; the grassroots.

STRUCTURE offers a plurality of readings. The structural makeup of architecture in Scotland. It’s layered composition. The quality and fragility of its fabric.

Existing structures. New structures. Alternative structures. Physical structures. Organisational structures

The Infrastructure of people, of place and policy.