Architecture Fringe 2017

The Essential Relationship

A facilitated networking event for Clients and Architects to step into each others shoes

Architecture Fringe Core Programme

Akiko Kobayashi and Chris Dobson
Young Professionals In Construction

THU 06 July 2017
6:15pm for a 6:30pm start - 8:15pm

38 Castle Terrace
Edinburgh EH3 9DZ


“Clients who believe that architects who listen and understand properly are rare”*

Whether you’re a client who agrees, or an architect who begs to differ, this event - in association with YPIC - will bring together both roles for an evening of facilitated networking to explore the essential relationship between Clients and Architects.

We’ll specifically look at how empathy plays a part in fostering the effective two-way communication that is vital to strong, respectful client-architect collaboration. Expect a fast-paced, imaginative, insightful evening from the Young Professionals in Construction network.

*Finding from a developers’ RIBA roundtable event


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