Architecture Fringe 2017

Dot To Dot

Join Studio Pop at the DOT TO DOT Maryhill Station project to see the new design for the community garden and meet new volunteers engaged in future activities onsite and along the canal

Studio POP

SAT 22 July 2017
11am - 2pm

636 Maryhill Road
Glasgow G20 7ED

DOT TO DOT at Maryhill Station is both an artistic and entrepreneurial idea that offers an innovative solution to reanimate ecological gap sites along the Clyde Canal - on a temporary basis - to improve the life of children, youth and fragile communities through remaking with waste, public artistry and time-banking exchange.

It connects eco-schools, social enterprises, young designers, wards, university students, municipalities and stakeholders locally to think, design and remake projects to transform waste and wastelands creatively. We invite you to reflect, share and exchange ideas about this pilot project. During the open day we will listen to your ideas openly to reactivate vacant gaps.


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