Architecture Fringe 2017


Photographer John Irvine documents the Peace Lines of Belfast

John Irvine

01 - 23 July 2017

Civic House
26 Civic Street
Glasgow G4 9RH

Artist Talk
WED 05 July 2017
Civic House
6:30pm (1.5 hours)


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SAT 01 July 11am-6pm
SUN 02 July 11am-6pm

THU 06 - SAT 08 July
Daily 11am-6pm
SUN 09 July 11am-6pm

THU 13 - SAT 15 July
Daily 11am-6pm
SUN 16 July 11am-6pm

THU 20 - SAT 22 July 2017
Daily 11am-6pm
SUN 23 July 11am-3pm

Despite only being approximately 6 miles at its widest point, Belfast has almost 20 miles of peace lines, walls and other structures that divide its two largest communities. The first such structure was built 45 years ago, shortly after the beginning of a conflict that has killed over 3500 people and injured in excess of 50,000 men, woman and children. So why, despite a peace process that was agreed almost 20 years ago, do these structures still exist throughout Northern Ireland's capital city.

For the past two years, John Irvine has been photographing these interface areas and their surrounding geography. The purpose of this photographic journey was not just to educate, but to provoke thought and conversation in others that weren't aware of their existence.

Copies of John's book on the Partition project can be purchased here


All images Copyright of John Irvine

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