Architecture Fringe 2017

An Exquisite Conversation - Conferring With The Corpse

A morning of thought, opinion and debate with a round-robin of special guests discussing topics touching on politics, society and the city

Dan Wood and Will Tooze

SAT 08 July 2017
11am - 1pm

Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Summerhall Place
Edinburgh EH9 1PL


An Exquisite Conversation features a panel of three or four invited guests leading an improvised discussion on topics prompted by a three-word phrase or ‘exquisite corpse’ generated from random configurations of attendee-contributed content.

The aim of the event is to explore not just built infrastructure, but the structures built into discussion itself. By using this new method of generating discourse, which undermines any attempt at apodictic exchanges, we hope to foster a platform where minds from all professions and skill sets can be both disruptive outsiders and constructive contributors.

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