Architecture Fringe 2017

New Typologies Talks

A provocative evening of quick-fire talks on our shared civic future by the New Typologies research teams

Architecture Fringe Core Programme

WED 12 July 2017
7pm - 9pm

Civic House
26 Civic Street
Glasgow G4 9RH


The future that we invite you to imagine is from tomorrow to the year 2042, and no further. New Typologies asks you to consider how our shared civic infrastructure will exist in the future, if at all.

How will our town halls, public parks, sports facilities, schools, community centres and libraries function and what will they look like? Perhaps the future of a given typology is a hybrid. Perhaps the typology in question is nearing redundancy, with new alternative methods of engagement or existence required. Perhaps there are clues in the past for a given typology’s future..

With presentations on... The Community Centre by Dress For The Weather / The Arena by Fala Atelier / The Supermarket by Nicky Thomson and Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde / The Public Convenience by Akiko Kobayashi and Jack Green / The Town Hall by Adam Nathaniel Furman / The Health Centre by McGinlay Bell / The School by Stallan Brand / The Town Square by Mark Donaldson

Join us! \o/

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