Architecture Fringe 2017

Open Close

The Open Close Project was conceived as a way of demonstrating how our smaller urban spaces can become containers for more joy, wellbeing, stimulation and play and the role that temporary art and architecture can play in this transformation

Tamsin Cunningham, Eileen Hall, Toby Paterson, Tommy Perman, David Lemm, Rob St John, Euan Millar, Michael Davidson, Niall Webb

14 July - 11 August 2017

Carrubbers Close, EH1 1SJ
Chalmers Close, EH1 1SR
and Trunks Close, EH1 1SS
Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Installation Opening Night
FRI 14 July 2017
7pm - 9pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre
43-45 High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1SR

Open Close is an experimental art installation project using sound, light, sculpture, design and visual arts to temporarily re-imagine four of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile closes, transforming them into a sensory open-air gallery.

Open Close aims to examine public perception of the overlooked and sometimes neglected Closes and promote and encourage greater engagement with the public spaces around us. The project is led by the Open Close Collective; a group of artists, architects, academics and web developers united by an interest in how we can make better creative use of the small spaces in our cities.



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