Architecture Fringe 2017

Castle Mill Works / An Architectural Exploration

Edinburgh Printmakers present a unique insight into how they are developing a world-class creative centre in a heritage context with Page&Park Architects

Edinburgh Printmakers: Capital Development Manager Beckki Churcher, Co-ordinator Judith Liddle

THU 13 July 2017
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Edinburgh Printmakers
23 Union Street
Edinburgh EH1 3LR


Edinburgh Printmakers are delighted to welcome Page \ Park Architects to discuss their ongoing projects and their role within the development of Castle Mill Works, Edinburgh Printmakers’ new home in 2019.

During this talk, they will reflect on the 3 approaches they use in their work with historic buildings, giving some examples from the previous experience.

The first involves careful surgery to the existing fabric and stitching back together – realised at the CCA, McManus Galleries and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The second approach includes the attachment of new onto the old as a ‘battery pack’, examples include The Lighthouse, Rosslyn Chapel Visitor Centre, Theatre Royal and St Cecilia’s Hall. The third approach is a hybrid, explored at Castle Mill Works in Fountainbridge.

We will share their journey through the historic analysis of the site at the former NBRC Headquarters through to their vision for the new facility.



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