Architecture Fringe 2017

Dialogues On Social Form and Open City - Glasgow / Barcelona

STUDIO POP (Glasgow) and Arquitectos de Cabecera (Barcelona) establish a collaborative hotline to reflect and share innovative practices of civic projects which promotes the notion of activism, urban acupuncture and remaking in cities

STUDIO POP: Laura Petruskeviciute+Cristian Suau
Arquitectos de Cabecera: Raül Avilla

SAT 22 July 2017
6pm - 10pm

Club Room
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD


Glaswegians have the right to live in evocative and healthy outdoor spaces by sharing capacities and making civic places collaboratively.

STUDIO POP is developing a unique civic platform called DOT TO DOT© that connects people with local projects “dots” to crowdfund, design, co-develop and ultimately reactivate ecologically derelict places.

Community Architects (Arquitectos de Cabecera _AC) is a methodology born out of an academic project at ETSAB in 2013. Working on the city and focusing on collective housing, the methodology aims to bring closer the figure of the architect to the citizen.



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