Architecture Fringe 2017

Creative Riot

A gathering of different artists which uses creativity to inspire and empower

boom projects - Rachel Arthur, Wideo Media: Garry Fraser, WPK Architects: Gavin Kirk, Civic Soup: Calum Rennie and Cameron Bray

18 and 19 July 2017
Daily 7pm - 10pm

Leith Theatre
28-30 Ferry Road
Edinburgh EH6 4AE


Creative Riot was born from a need to use creativity as a force for good amongst those who may not have been lucky enough to have such an opportunity.

Working with young people from North Edinburgh, we are bringing together their wide range of talents and showcasing them in a unique performance piece. WPK Architects and Civic Soup are creating a custom build structure, with involvement from the local community, to act as the centrepiece which ties together young people from different areas, different backgrounds and different walks of life.

With performances from:

131 Northside, Zesh, Chriis Wood, Ashley Jack, Mini Jackers, Great Feats, Creative Electric, Edinburgh Parkour, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Studio Ember and Space Graffiti \o/

boom saloon film


Also at this festival: