Architecture Fringe 2017

Turncoats - Piss Poor Planning?

Are the Planners really to blame for the state of our built environment?

Architecture Fringe Core Programme

TUE 04 July 2017
7pm - 9pm

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall
117 Trongate
Glasgow G1 5HD

Chaired by Muriel Gray

Speakers include -
Malcolm Fraser -Architect

Pooja Agrawal -Architect

Kathie Pollard -Founder, Urbanistas Edinburgh

Gemma Ginty - Urban Futures Lead


Nobody likes a planner, but then nobody much likes an architect either so exactly where should we point the finger of blame for the less than adequate built environment that we produce in Scotland?

Demonised, marginalised and reduced to the role of pen pushing, NIMBY baiting, powerless development managers - our planners have become mere pawns in the game of globalised, neo-liberal economic development.

Enough is enough, it’s time to give them a hug, value their ideas and release their wanton passion and imagination. It’s time to put planning on the pedestal and make the case for more planners, doing more planning, more of the time.

Join us! \o/

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