Architecture Fringe 2017

Voices Of Experience

A welcome insight into the experience of previous generations through conversation, shared interests and afternoon tea

Suzanne Ewing of ESALA, Jude Barber and Nicola McLachlan of Collective Architecture

SAT 08 July 2017
1pm - 3pm

Glasgow Women's Library
23 Landressy Street
Glasgow G40 1BP


Voices of Experience aims to encourage young practitioners, designers and makers to access the experience and insight of previous generations.

How might role models and built environment histories be re-thought through listening to experienced architects, planners, designers, engineers who have not been written into professional myths, mainstream history and public consciousness? Join us for a conversation with tea, cake, and pairs of experienced and young architects reflecting on their meetings in common projects/sites.

The project is an ongoing, collaborative project developing an oral and material archive in partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library, Architecture Fringe 2017, Collective Architecture, ESALA and Panel.

ith dialogues between -

Kirsteen Borland (nee Holmes), Architect + Planner with Heather Claridge, Planner

Jocelyn Cunliffe, Architect, Gray Marshall Associates with Melanie Hay, Conservation Architect, recently worked for Julian Harrap

Denise Bennetts, Architect, Bennetts Associates with Grace Mark, Architect Union, OrkidStudio






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