Architecture Fringe 2017

Curated Conversations - Lateral North and Leith Creative

Curated Conversations is a series of public co-design events hosted by Lateral North, HERE + NOW and Biomorphis as part of Leith Creative’s People and Places Make Leith Better programme

Lateral North and Leith Creative

SAT 01 July 2017
11am - 4pm

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
21 Hawthornvale
Edinburgh EH6 4JT


As part of the People and Places programme, Lateral North will host 'Leithitorium', a workshop focused on the lack of a live music venue within Leith.

Over the day attendees will have the chance to develop conceptual ideas for a range of local spaces, leading to a further 'Archihack' in August, when the ideas generated will be developed into a full project. This workshop, however, will act as an ideas kickstarter and create a variety of opportunities for the local community as a result.

Responding to the overarching question 'how to make Leith a better place to live', a broad range of community partners, creatively minded or not, are invited to attend alongside architects, artists and designers.

Leith Creative began in 2015 as a cultural mapping research project into the creative communities of Leith. The original Report, Map/Infographic and a film can be found at

Leith Creative is co-delivered by Citizen Curator and LeithLate, two cultural organisations working in and around the local Leith area. VFor further information, please contact Morvern and Duncan via



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