Architecture Fringe 2017

Edinburgh New Town

A walking tour explaining the architecture of the New Town and the less obvious systems set up in place to run it

Cobble Tales

08, 15 July 2017
11am - 1:30pm

Tour starts
HM General Register House
(opposite The Balmoral Hotel)
2 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH1 3YY


As opposed to the Old Town, the New Town was a planned town development and the largest one in the world at the time. The building of the New Town allowed the city to introduce infrastructure such as greenspace, lighting, piped water and sewage in a planned manner. It was not, however, without its own struggles as we shall find out en route!

During the walk through a rational, ordered, symmetrical grid of streets of extravagant neoclassical townhouses and private parks you will learn the history and principles behind the masterplanning of the New Town, designed to chime with enlightenment ideas and glorify the Union.



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