Architecture Fringe 2016

Peripheries & Outlines

A series of drawings exploring the fascination with solid and void, periphery and pattern and the role that repetition can play in creative process

Tamsin Cunningham

08-10 July 2016
Fri 08 July 10am-6pm
Sat 09 July 10am-11am / 1pm-6pm
Sun 10 July 10am-4pm

Fri 08 July 6:30pm-9:00pm

Gayfield Creative Spaces
11 Gayfield Square
Edinburgh EH1 3NT

Tamsin’s drawings are an exercise in purposefully stepping outside of a planned creative process. Always spontaneous, the drawings are constructed line by line, shape by shape; following the pen with no set end point in mind. The drawings offer an opportunity to explore the preoccupations with space and composition found in Tamsin’s work as an architect, freed from the confines of a brief. Following a fine line becomes an act of meditation; creating space to think, dream and resolve.


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