Architecture Fringe 2016

Fringes - A Sonic Palimpsest

Spatial revelation through sound and live performance

HK2 [Calum Ross and Andrew Hodgkinson of Hans Klammer]

08-10 July 2016
Fri 08 July 10am-6pm
Sat 09 July 10am-11am / 1pm-6pm
Sun 10 July 10am-4pm

Fri 08 July 6:30pm-9:00pm

Fri 08 July 2016 8:30pm

Gayfield Creative Spaces
11 Gayfield Square
Edinburgh EH1 3NT

Vision allows perception of a static environment; hearing is dynamic, depending on events and activity created by people and nature within an environment.

Soundwaves flow around objects, entering involuntarily. Visually discrete spaces can be audibly fused into one - generated and overlaid again and again - as a Palimpsest.

A line is drawn out from Edinburgh city centre forming the radius of a 20km circular route. If the centre is then removed, how does the city look? This generated route through the fringes is circumnavigated again and again. Information collected again and again, overlaid; looped; manipulated. Through this investigation and measurement of social parameters and key forms within the built enviornment a score is generated and played. Through analysis and representation the city fringes are revealed and reimagined.


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