Architecture Fringe 2018

Archischools Summit

The 2018 Archischools collective present a developing ‘Archischools Manifesto’ through an evening of short talks by invited speakers and discussion exploring a theoretical manifesto for change

Will Cairns, Architects, Helen Lucas Architects; Calum Duncan, Director, Calum Duncan Architects; Eileen Hall, Architecture Graduate, Transformational Guide & Healer, Artist, Meditation Guide; Ruth Hamilton, Calum Duncan Architects/ Civic Soup; Laura Haylock, Architecture Graduate/ Civic Soup; Andy Law, Director, Reiach and Hall Architects; Nicola McLachlan, Architect, Collective Architecture; Marion Preez, Urban Pioneers Landscape Architects; Gillian Storrar, Architect, Calum Duncan Architects

THU 14 June 2018
5:30pm for 6pm start - 8:30pm

Lauriston Fire Station
78 Lauriston Place
Edinburgh EH3 9DE


In 2016, a collective of architects and artists formed with a common sense that our communities are frustrated and feel an ennui concerning issues around change to the built environment. We set out to address this cultural lack of confidence by investigating how to help empower our younger generations through engagement with a wide spectrum of relevant issues and concerns.

We have been in contact with relevant parties including: Education Scotland, A+D, HES, EWHT, Scottish Futures Trust, BEFS, Edinburgh CC and Play Scotland. Discussions are in progress to establish which guest speakers are available and relevant to the Summit.

The 2018 Summit will hear three independent perspectives and experiences before open discussion on the band new 'Archischools Manifesto' which will be presented on the evening. Speakers include:

Building as Pedagogy
Fiona MacDonald of Matt and Fiona Build

A Heritage Perspective
Brian Wilkinson, Historic Environment Scotland, Technical Outreach and Education

Missing in Architecture
Isobel Deakin, Miranda Webster and Katherine Li, Missing in Architecture



Also at this festival: