Architecture Fringe 2018

Façades/ Flats

Promenade performance to take place as part of Look Again Festival where a group of female dancers use architectural costumes to explore the relationship of their bodies to civic architecture

Emily Speed - Artist Jack Webb - Choreographer And dancers: Katie Taylor Kirsty Tewnion Melissa Haywood Katie McFarlane Neila Stephens Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister Ella Skinner Isla Reid Kirsten Walker Carly Campbell Bethany Ransom Bath McFarlane Iseabail Duncan

SAT 16 June 2018
2 & 4pm

The Anatomy Rooms
Queen St
Aberdeen AB10 1AP

Façades/Fronts is a commission for Look Again Visual Art & Design Festival in partnership with Citymoves Dancy Agency that takes the ‘Year of Young People’ as a starting point and draws upon the architecture of Aberdeen, using the façade as a metaphor to explore the forming of one's own identity, particularly as a woman. A group of young women will perform a perambulatory work together, placing their bodies in contrast to the imposing granite facades that have historically housed patriarchal civic activity. The work will be based in the city centre (beginning at The Anatomy Rooms).




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