Architecture Fringe 2018

Maryhill Pedal Power

Maryhill Pedal Power is a cycling initiative to promote the remake culture in Maryhill along the the Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow

Laura Petruskeviciute, Flavia Ragnacci & Cristian Suau

SAT 09 June 2018 (Event 1)
6-9pm FREE
SAT 16 June 2018 (Event 2)
8-11pm FREE

636 Maryhill Road
Glasgow G20 7ED


Maryhill Pedal Power is a cycling initiative to promote the remake culture in Maryhill along the Forth and Clyde Canal. It aims to engage children, youth and families with utility cycling as a means of everyday healthy transport, waste collection and outdoor sport. It links everyday stories built around the world of cycling, energy and waste promoting the use of bicycles creatively. To become a member is easy. Participants will enter friendly inductions, workshops and competitions getting rewards. It counts with the support of National Lottery Awards for All Scotland, SportScotland and Creative Scotland and powered by Studio Pop and partner organisations. This initiative is held at the DOT TO DOT Maryhill Station to develop a creative and inclusive outdoor programme, which is part of the remake framework REPLASTICO Energizing (Re)cycling led by Studio Pop.

Maryhill Pedal Power team invites all participants to ideate, build and play together, converting KCal to Kw; and learning about remaking. In doing so, we will design and experiment with DIY bike trailers and locally assembled cargo bikes that will be used to collect plastic waste along the Canal, creating new products made with reused plastics. The events are:

• Event 1 - Canal expedition on LED wheels

• Event 2 - Pedal power cinema

They engage with distinctive themes around (re)cycling culture, including night screening excursions and competitions along the Canal. They are inclusive and open-access, aiming to engage with all age groups and levels of ability, making a special effort to encourage girls and young groups to participate in these workshops.


Studio Pop


Dot to dot



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