Architecture Fringe 2018

Living The Dream

Living The Dream is a split-screen filmic encounter with Peter Womersley's late modernist design studio built for Bernat Klein in the Scottish Borders and is presented in collaboration with JM Architects, Glasgow

Ann Vance, Ian Alexander

08 - 24 June 2018
Daily Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm

JM Architects
50 Bell St
Glasgow G1 1LQ

Preview Evening
THU 07 June 2018
McChuills Bar
40 High Street
Glasgow G1 1NL

Living The Dream is a video work which features the former studio of Bernat Klein designed by Peter Womersley. The building remains in private ownership and stands surplus to requirement. In spite of, or because of the decay the structure has developed an aura of timelessness, a stillness that belies its productive past. This past conjures a collision of art and capitalism, foregrounding ideas around the division of labour, the construction of femininity and the individualism of the artist. I explore the building’s structure within it’s natural site, juxtaposing 70s fashion images and imagining a future without domestication and waged labour.

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