Architecture Fringe 2018

Tracings of Home

Tracings of Home will create a memory box of information on how we might live when we are older

Missing in Architecture collective
led by Isabel Deakin, Kathy Li, Miranda Webster

SAT 09 June 2018
2 - 4pm

Garnethill Multicultural Centre
21 Rose St, Garnethill, Glasgow, G3 6RE

Missing In Architecture are filling the gaps that we care about in architecture. For The Architecture Fringe 2018 we present Tracings of Home, in this project we invite people to think about a time when they are older, what might your home of your future be like? What will you take from your past to your future? In this drop in session participants will contribute to a living memory box that will be used as research into the key elements that inform the designs of homes for all our futures.

Missing in Architecture


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