Architecture Fringe 2018

LOCAL commons GLOBAL sense

Civic Soup invite you on a trail exploring public space around the world; follow our treasure map to explore the globe whilst discovering and documenting the places around you

Civic Soup

SAT 16 June 2018
Noon - sunset
SUN 17 June 2018
Noon - sunset

To be revealed trail around Leith. Keep your eye on our social media for information and clues!

Civic Soup have been separated. From Ullapool to Edinburgh, Warsaw to Mumbai; our everyday experiences are perhaps not as common as they once were.

Through photography and sound recordings we have each documented our new localities. We invite you to follow our global trail whilst exploring, documenting, and reflecting on the public spaces most important to you.

When framed through a common activity, how do our experiences of everyday public spaces compare globally? Pick up a map, take a wander, and share your thoughts.




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