Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Architecture Bar

Good evening. Would you care for something to talk about? Oh, that would be wonderful!

Dress for the Weather: Andy Campbell / Matt McKenna / Hazel Wallace / Romain Charlet

SAT - SUN 08 June - 14 July 2019
MON - SAT 10.30am - 5pm / SUN 12pm - 5pm

The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow G1 3NU


Fully accessible / Children welcome

In Monty Python's 'Philosophy' sketch in the Meaning of Life, a couple are enjoying a night out in a restaurant where it is conversation on the menu. The special for the night is 'Minorities' but the couple decide instead for 'Philosophy'.

Our proposal for the Architecture Fringe 2019 will put 'Architecture' on the conversation menu. Dress for the Weather enjoy engaging non-architect audiences and propose to enhance the social and civic platform of Architecture Fringe 2019 with the 'Architecture Bar' serving as platform for a Conversation Menu. We'll aim to break down the big ideas behind In Real Life and key exhibitions and projects behind the fringe. But it's hard to come at it cold! Like the waiter in Monty Python's sketch we're offering to 'get people started'.




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