Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Unofficial Surveys: Us and Our Built Environment

A collaborative workshop where we learn how techniques developed by a 1970s primary school art course can allow us to critique our built environment using our own observations and experiences

Wool Architecture and Design

SAT 15 June 2019 / from 1pm


15 Hill Street
Glasgow G3 6RN

Not accessible / Children welcome

In 1976 the Art and the Built Environment Project was established by Eileen Adams and Colin Ward with the intention of establishing the study of the built environment as a normal part of the secondary school curriculum. The project was an attempt to create a situation where the skills to analyse, interpret and manipulate the built environment were accessible to everyone, not merely the articulate minority of people with architecture degrees.

Together, using the study methods developed by the Art and the Built Environment Project we will generate and collate our own information based upon our observations and experiences to create a unique map of Garnethill. Instead of being the collectors and recorders of pre-existing information, we will be working as our own sources, interpreters and critics.

Crucially, this class will not necessarily be about the production of maps, but about understanding the qualities of the built environment through the process of mapping activities.

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