Get Wet! 💦

Civic Soup

Wade into the water with Civic Soup in an exploration of our relationships to wet spaces. Click the links below to explore each Matterport space as they go live.

In an immersive digital space, we’ll pool localised perspectives on access to water and it’s sociocultural, ecological, economic and corporeal dimensions. We invite you to dive into the bodies of water we miss; bodies which divide; bodies with emergent communities; bodies we want to explore; ebbing, eroding, resonant, buoyant, disappearing.

Over the course of the festival new puddles will appear – via our domestic waterways we will transport to locations strange and familiar to explore collected materials and reflections.

Civic Soup is a collective of architectural designers and artists; formed in Edinburgh and active in Scotland and across Europe. Engaging with diverse communities, their work aims to generate interest in and facilitate action throughout our built environment.

Civic Soup comprises; Laura Haylock, Calum Rennie, Billy Morgan, Sigi Whittle, Ruth Hamilton, Cameron Bray.

Project Events

Civic Soup will present and discuss this work on Friday 11 June 2021, and invite you to test the water on a guided excursion around and within our bodies of water.

New Spatial Realities with Civic Soup - Get Wet 💦

Fri 11 Jun 2021 12:30pm - 1:30pm BST

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0001s 0003 CB Waterfront

Project Team

Sigi Whittle
Fabada at Civic Soup


Ruth Hamilton
Mushroom and Chilli at Civic Soup


Billy Morgan
Salmorejo at Civic Soup


Cameron Bray
Tom Yum at Civic Soup


Calum Rennie
Tattie at Civic Soup


Laura Haylock
Cullen Skink at Civic Soup


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