Architecture Fringe 2016

Building, Beauty & Society

What drives the architect and what is architecture? A series of public debates explores these questions

AE Foundation

02 July 2016

Top Floor, Evolution House
Edinburgh College of Art
78 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

The AE Foundation has organised an afternoon of public debates as part of the Architecture Fringe 2016. The debates will explore the values driving those working in the discipline today. Was it a mistake for the architect to think of their art as a profession? Are the academic’s claims for architecture’s autonomy any better than the desire to liberate the poor and disposed by new activists’ practices? Can we reassert the idea of architecture as a humanistic activity?

Andrea Zanderigo [Milan]
Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde [Edinburgh]

Adrien Verschuere [Brussels]
Angela Deuber [Chur]
Samuel Penn [Chur]

Penny Lewis [Glasgow]
Lee Ivett (Baxendale) [Glasgow]


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