Architecture Fringe 2016

The Maquette

A curated selection of working models from architecture practices across the country showcasing the role of the model in design exploration and development.

Curation: Anna McLuckie and Akiko Kobayashi

08-10 July 2016

Fri 08 July 10am-6pm
Sat 09 July 10am-11am / 1pm-6pm
Sun 10 July 10am-4pm

Gayfield Creative Spaces
11 Gayfield Square
Edinburgh EH1 3NT

Maquettes on show from -

Collective Architecture

JM Architects

Kobayashi Studio

Konishi Gaffney

Calum Duncan Architect

Kirsty Maguire Studio

Oilver Chapman Architects

The architectural model is most-often presented as a finished piece, however, its value is not solely in the communication of ideas to a wider audience, but also as a tool for experimentation, calculation and investigation during the formative stages of the design.

This exhibition of exploratory models from a diverse group of Scottish architectural practices showcases the behind-the-scenes evolution and development of the project in its transformation from idea to reality, and aims to capture the thought process made visible in these three-dimensional sketches. Encompassing a variety of typologies, forms and scales, whether in abstract or in minute detail, the continuing role of the model as a study tool is made evident through these works of careful inquisition and rough beauty.

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