Architecture Fringe 2018


An exhibition at the Edinburgh Printmakers showcasing a series of sketches documenting a multi-disciplinary dialogue between nine people on the theme of Common Senses

Joanne Dunwell, James Nelmes and Klara Svoboda (Bennetts Associates) in partnership with Edinburgh Printmakers and project participants

FRI 15 June 2018

Edinburgh Printmakers
23 Union St
Edinburgh EH1 3LR


3x3 is a conversation between nine people from various creative backgrounds where all communication is carried out through sketching. Each day, each person will draw a sketch in response to a given phrase and forward their sketch to the next person who will use it as the basis and inspiration for their next sketch. Over the course of nine days nine threads will have developed.

On Friday 15th June at 6:30pm we will hold an open discussion and exhibition of the completed works at the Edinburgh Printmakers.



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