Architecture Fringe 2018

Architect Killjoy

Architect Killjoys hosts a transitory, unrecorded space for those in the architectural ecosystem to air criticism of the industry’s institutions

Marisa Cortright, Corinna Anderson

THU 14 June 2018

Greenmantle Pub
44 W Crosscauseway
EH8 9JP Edinburgh

“You cannot always close the gap between how you do feel and how you should feel. Behind the sharpness of this ‘cannot’ is a world of possibility.” Sara Ahmed, A Killjoy Manifesto

Sara Ahmed’s ‘feminist killjoy’ is the person who makes life difficult by “interrupting the patriarchal norms that pass as joys” (Erin Wunker). What is an “architect killjoy”? Let’s talk about the stories architecture tells itself, and the realities of working in this field.


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