Architecture Fringe 2018

Crumble Magazine Project

Crumble Magazine are holding an afternoon of open discussion to create an architectural ‘magazine wall’ full of your ideas responding to our theme ‘Conflict / Resolution’

Holly Baker, Daniel Anderson, Alex Abadjieva, Kirstin Forsyth, Ivy Pottinger-Glass, Thomas Scott, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Angus Henderson

SAT 09 June 2018
3 - 6pm

Out of the Blue
Rehearsal Studio
36 Dalmeny St
Edinburgh EH6 8RG


Crumble’s method revolves around creation through discussion; the Crumble Magazine Project will involve open discussion and collaborative creation, leading to a ‘magazine wall’ full of ideas all in a single afternoon! The theme of our latest issue is ‘Conflict/Resolution’: how does conflict manifest on a local, national and international level and how do we even start resolving it? The afternoon’s challenge will be shaping these ideas into paragraphs, poems, doodles and illustrations, which we can bring together for reflection and consideration at the end of the day.

We are holding this event in conjunction with Crumble’s third issue ‘Conflict / Resolution’, due to launch June 2018.

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