Architecture Fringe 2018

Reuse Showhome

Zero Waste Leith’s Reuse Showhome demonstrates comfortable, practical living with beautiful and affordable reused and upcycled furnishings

Changeworks, Quay Community Improvements, Port of Leith Housing Association, Edinburgh Remakery, Edinburgh Tool Library

FRI 8 June 2018
SUN 10 June 2018

Quay Community Improvements
Admiral House
1a Lochend Butterfly Way
Edinburgh EH7 5FF


The Reuse Showhome is an opportunity for residents to view a new build home fitted entirely with reused and repaired furniture and furnishings. It demonstrates that beautiful and comfortable home interiors can be achieved on a small budget, in small spaces with minimal environmental impact. The exhibition at Quay Community Improvements shares the life stories of reused and repaired items. Some items will be available to purchase.

Zero Waste Leith is a project delivered by Changeworks, funded by Zero Waste Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund and supported by Leith community partners working to create cleaner, greener streets.

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