Architecture Fringe 2018

S / M / L

Exploring Architecture / Space / Sound; how sound influences the atmosphere and sense of a space; how the architecture of a space influences the sound; and how these affect / effect our sense(s) of that space

HK2: Andrew Hodgkinson, Calum Ross & Dan Thornton
featuring Sion Parkinson


THU 14 June 2018

Custom Lane
67 Commercial St
Edinburgh EH6 6LH


A continuation of our previous work; our first project (’A Sonic Palimpsest’ Architecture Fringe 2016) created a musical score and representation of Edinburgh’s urban fringe generated by the city itself (L). The second (‘Spatial Synesthesia’ Architecture Fringe 2017) explored sound and representation via a single building within the city (S).

This year S / M / L takes these elements to explore and represent the creation of space, building and cityscape, through a generative musical score:

Small / Medium / Large

Simple / Ordinary / Complex

Normal / Common / Shared

Architecture / Space / Sound

Experiencing a sense of space through sound removes the reliance on accepted visual representation. The potential of music and sound introduces a new means of reflecting on space, experiencing it through other senses, and bringing it to life.



Vimeo A Sonic Palimpsest

Vimeo The Fringes

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