Architecture Fringe 2018

Towards a New Procurement

An evening of cross-disciplinary co-operation and debate on public procurement and how the construction industry can deliver a better quality built environment

Architecture Fringe Core Programme

Contributors include Malcolm Fraser, Rab Bennetts and Phil Prentice of Scotland’s Towns Partnership (trialing the Preston Model in three Scottish towns)

TUE 12 June 2018
7pm - 9pm

Custom Lane
Custom Wharf
67 Commercial Street
Edinburgh EH6 6LH


There’s broad agreement that we need to build with more care and attention, but no clarity about how architects can be given the resources to do this. With more focus, post-Grenfell and PFI disasters, on public responsibility, the event will look at how architects’ professional skills might be more appreciated, and assess various theoretical models, from rebalancing cost and quality to the innovative Preston Model, where Local Authorities pursue the social value in local procurement.

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