Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Expensive Shit: St. Peter's Seminary

An archaeological apparition talks about a Modernist ruin, where the unravelling fabric reflects the ruin of society today and why that must be valued.

Joss Alexander Durnan

SUN 09 June 2019 / 2pm - 3pm

St Peter's Seminary
Cardross G82 5EY

Not accessible

St Peter's Seminary, arguably the magnum opus of its architects Andy MacMillian and Isi Metzstein, has found cult status as an abandoned building frequented by architects, vandals, photographers, and graffiti artists. It lies on the fringes of space and time, of reality, a dangerous hulk that determined visitors choose to enter at their own risk.

St Peter's is often touted as an architectural masterpiece. But is that really what makes this place significant? The Seminary, recalcitrant in the face of its designers, its owners, its prospective saviours or destroyers seems determined to continue on its crumbling path 30 years after the lights were switched off for the last time.

Archaeologist Joss Durnan asks what fate this place demands and if, perhaps, its inevitable succumbing to ruination is the fate we deserve of it.

No one is invited.


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