Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Hammocks & Highlanders

A hands-on narrative of the relationship between humans and highland cattle using architecture as a tool for renewal: both invigorating and inviting

Victoria Caubet & Roy Abel

SAT 22 June 2019 / 2pm - 12am (Possibility to sleep over)
Voluntary contribution


Uvie Farm
Newtonmore PH20 1BE
57 01'27.2"N 4 11'26.7"W

Fully accessible / Accessible WC / Assistance dogs welcome / Children welcome

Hammocks and Highlanders employs a new building by Victoria Caubet celebrating the connection between Highland cattle & their keepers. It adds to a farm infrastructure that purposefully aims to magnetise energy into an area that has lost much over the recent past. Yet these animals remain - rooted in their locale and to their genetic function. They possess a glamour compelling even to those with little or no experience of animals or agriculture. Why is this?

The answering narrative, ancient and familiar, will be expressed at this Architectural Fringe Festival event by making physical contact with these primeval beasts, engaging in stories told round a central hearth, absorbing a sound frieze of cattle keepers voices. Finally, participants enjoy the live experience of a multi-purpose farm building, when they turn in for the night in hammocks slung in the building that, at other seasons, is used to shelter the animals.

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