Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Your Space I Take Notice

We inhabit a range of interior and exterior spaces every day - however as a society are we noticing and being critical of how our surroundings make us feel?

Nadia Malekian, Louis Lennox

SAT 15 - FRI 21 June 2019

Secret locations to be revealed during the festival
The City of Glasgow

Fully accessible / Children welcome

Your Space | Take Notice aims to encourage people to observe and be more critical of their surroundings. What kind of environments do we enjoy and why do we enjoy them? Which areas of our city feel spiritless and how does this affect us?

By tactfully placing notices around the city that host a series of abstract imagery that relate to their varying locations, on lookers are asked to confront the physical reality of their surroundings. Thoughts and ideas generated from this can then be shared through the non-physical public space of the internet, via a QR code. In this case the digital realm is used as an accessory to explore the metropolitan world in a more meaningful way.

These notices invite people to look around, look up, look down, and absorb a multiplicity of spaces. Ultimately the desire of this process is to stimulate the question 'how does this space make me feel?'




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