Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Queer Space

A research and design project inviting queer club producers based in Glasgow to imagine their ideal nightclub

Architecture Fringe Core Programme

SAT - SAT 08 June - 31 August 2019
MON - SAT 10.30am - 5pm / SUN 12pm - 5pm

The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow G1 3NU


Event - Queer Space Panel Discussion
TUE 11 JUNE 6:30pm - 8pm
The Lighthouse

£5 General Admission / £3 Student / £0 Low Income


Fully accessible / Children welcome

‘A queered architecture begins in the assumption that nothing lies beyond it as its source of legitimacy; that whatever justification it possesses is immanent to its practice'

Struggles for space: Queering straight space: Thinking towards a queer architecture’ by Julius Gavroche, 2016

As part of of this year’s core programme, Queer Space is a research and design project which invites queer club producers based in Glasgow to imagine their ideal nightclub. Paired with local designers, together they will explore iterations of possible queered architectures.

Like a club night needing to fit within a pre-existing space, people who identify as queer are expected to conform to found, normative conditions. But what if we are able to set and design the conditions, and the space, on our own terms? To subvert the norm? We'll be exploring possible queered architectures with some of Glasgow's leading queer club producers.


Shoot Your Shot (Suzanne Bonner) with architects Nick Walker & Cat Liggat of Collective Architecture

OH141 (Sarra Wild) with designer Cécile Ngọc Sương Perdu

VAJ.Power (Hol McGowan & Sofya Staune) with designer Michael Pavlides

Junglehussi (Matthew Arthur Williams) with Christy Doherty & Rebecca Ziola

Hot Mess (Simon Eilbeck) with designer Colin O'Hara


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