Architecture Fringe 2018

OAR Publication Launch

The Open Architectural Report is a publication by graduates of architecture in Scotland, seeking to provide a platform for individual architectural research and exploration

Patrick Davies, Jonathan Gillies

Publication Launch
TUE 19 June 2018

Introduction to the publication and team. Work and copies of the publication to be viewable in the pub all day

Redmond’s Of Dennistoun
304 Duke Street
Glasgow G31 1RZ

Initiated by a group of Architecture graduates from across Scotland with an interest in publishing and the recording of the built form, the Open Architectural Report is a publication which will value individual voices and perspectives on the built environment, with each edition addressing one particular subject.

Launching on Tuesday the 19th of June, this first, special, Architecture Fringe edition will look in depth at a typology dispersed on the fringes of the two major cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow – the industrial shed. Contextualising the current, analysing the past, critiquing the proposed and projecting alternate interpretations for some particular examples.




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