Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

Reservations in Hyperreality

A publication exploring the hyperreal interior architecture of the Madonna Inn, California through a personal collection of eclectic, visionary, and downright trashy postcards

Megan Jones, Lewis Prosser

FRI - SUN 07 - 23 June 2019
£6 (£5 at launch)

On sale via retailers across Glasgow, inc.
Good Press
5 St. Margaret's Place
Glasgow G1 5JY

Launch Party
FRI 21 June / 6pm - 8pm

74 Park Road
Glasgow G4 9JF

Not accessible / Assistance dogs welcome

Flanked on either side by mountains and six lanes of freeway, the Madonna Inn is the rhinestone in the plastic crown of kitsch motels. Originally built in 1958, the Inn now showcases over one-hundred uniquely designed rooms that immerse the traveller in gemlike spaces of play and possibility. This publication explores the Madonna Inn as an architectural space glittering with the potential for plural realities and performed identities through the lens of souvenir postcards. Simulacra such as the neo-Neolithic, mock-Medieval, and faux-Flintstone are transformed into architectural chambers for immersive, hyperreal encounters that not only challenge the boundaries of the imagination, but the boundaries of good taste!



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