Architecture Fringe 2019
In Real Life

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Secret photographs from an in-progress construction site

Dinda Fass

SAT - FRI 08 - 21 June 2019
MON - FRI / 9am - 5pm
SAT & SUN 08 & 09 June / 12 - 4pm, SAT 15 June / 10 - 4pm, SUN 16 June / 12 - 4pm

Artist Photowalk

The Custom House
65-67 Commercial Street
Edinburgh EH6 6LH

Fully accessible / Accessible WC / Children welcome

Photographs taken by Dinda Fass whilst working for a construction company in Glasgow. Out on site taking the weekly progress photographs, Dinda also secretly made a body of work documenting the subtleties of light on concrete, the making-dos of construction workers, and the incidental / accidental collection of forms and shadows made by off-cut, discarded and unused materials. Exhibited for the first time Fass' pared down aesthetic combined with a keen observational eye will let you see a building site through new eyes.

Sign up to join Dinda for guided photowalks on a construction site during the Architecture Fringe, the results of which will be shown in a pop-up exhibition alongside Dinda's work.

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