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Living places

15 June

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The Living Places concept rethinks how buildings can help resolve global climate and health challenges through sustainable solutions and practical action.

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15 June


Otto Busses Vej 29A, 2450 Copenhagen, Denmark
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Additional Location Info

Living Places Copenhagen is located at Jernbanebyen, the old Danish rail district in Copenhagen.


Living Places Copenhagen is built in partnership with EFFEKT Architects, Enemærke & Petersen, Artelia and VELUX.



What if we could design our buildings in a way that was healthy for both people and the planet? The concept ‘Living Places’ is an attempt to rethink our understanding of buildings in a new way. VELUX together with EFFEKT architects and Artelia engineers have explored how the building industry can advance the health of people and the planet through a scalable building concept, aimed at delivering a 3-times lower CO2 footprint* and a 3-times better indoor climate*, while improving the health and wellbeing of residents, and at a competitive price level.

We invite you to come and visit Living Places Copenhagen with us, built by VELUX in partnership with EFFEKT, Artelia and Enemærke & Petersen, in the old railway district in the heart of Copenhagen - a partner project of Copenhagen in Common, the UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture in 2023 and the first prototype of the concept ‘Living Places’. Here we will share the project and the thoughts behind it, in hope of pushing boundaries and inspiring new ideas.

*compared to the average single-family house built in Denmark.


When publishing Living Places renders, full credit must be given to EFFEKT. Renders can only be used in conjunction with Living Places. No third party rights without prior agreement with EFFEKT. Cannot be used in advertisements.

When communicating about Living Places, all partners involved in the concept should be mentioned: EFFEKT (architects), Artelia (engineers), Enemærke & Petersen (contractors).


At VELUX, we believe it’s time to rethink how buildings can help resolve global climate and health challenges through sustainable solutions and practical action. VELUX has joined forces with EFFEKT and Artelia in an open innovation process to change the way we build today towards more sustainable practices and to decarbonize buildings. The result is Living Places, a new sustainable approach to building homes that benefits both people and planet equally. Living Places Copenhagen, the first prototype built in partnership with VELUX, EFFEKT, Artelia and Enemærke & Petersen, will open in spring 2023 as a partner project for the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023. The exhibition consists of seven prototypes – five open pavilions and two finished homes in full scale, showing our take on healthy and sustainable homes.

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