Architecture Fringe 2023

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10 June

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Event Summary

An "architecture cart" travels Eugene, Oregon and hosts conversations about agency and place-making in the community.

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11am-4pm PST


10 June


Kesey Square, Eugene, OR 97401
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The event will begin at this location each day, however the event will be mobile. Route and additional locations available during the event via Zoom.






Eugene, Oregon, like many cities across the US, faces an affordability crisis in the housing market, a mental health crisis in its population, and a haphazard response to the climate crisis. Confusion and misunderstanding displace communication between those with reliable shelter and those without, leaving our public places feeling just as disconnected and stratified as the institutions that frame them. The politics of our built environment - around issues like energy, materials, and policy - seem increasingly hostile to public engagement. How can architecture bridge the gap? The rolling "architecture cart" will set out to conduct interviews and listening sessions across the city, to learn how our public places could form our shared future.

Interviews and discussions will be conducted in-person and remotely via Zoom. Participants are welcome to join and listen throughout the duration. A written and documentary summary will be made available following the event.

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