Architecture Fringe 2023

Print In Space

04 Jun—18 June (5 dates)

Edinburgh & The Lothians Installation Workshop

Event Summary

By tapping into our knowledge of printing an interactive installation will be made by Crumble, which invites you to generate prints that can re-inhabit its lightweight frame.

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12- 4pm


04 Jun—18 June


At the concrete block gallery Undercroft, 15 Lauriston Gardens, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Additional Location Info

At the end of Middle Meadow Walk. By Melville drive.


Crumble Magazine

For a revolution to happen, the symbiotic relationship between people and architecture needs to be explored. The environment is built around our diverse stories and responds to the way we see the world. Our various reactions to our immediate surroundings shape our communities, for better or for worse. How can we explore the influence everyday people have on the built environment? What about our interactions with the world can be bent out of shape to accommodate our needs?

For this year’s Architecture Fringe, Crumble will be tapping into its knowledge of printing with an interactive installation, which invites you to generate prints that can re-inhabit its lightweight frame. This machine, housing a discarded printing mangle, gives the printing process an architectural and spatial form. How can we become protagonists of the structures we build? Through this installation, we plan to publicise the power we all hold as participants of the world; we are all capable of designing the spaces we want to be in.

Our project will reside in the Concrete Block Gallery, and we invite you to bring any paper you have lying around (even sheets that have already been printed on). Print on your sheet once or twice, turn it around, fold it in half and print on it again. You hold the power over your final product, so make it what you want it to be.

Join us for our opening night on Saturday 3rd June from 6pm at Concrete Block Gallery

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